Low back pain: the main causes

Suddenly you have a pain in your lower back. And this is understandable if yesterday you dug up a hectare of virgin soil. But often the pain appears as if from nowhere: when you wake up, you suddenly find that bending and unbending is a whole problem. We find out why the lower back can hurt and what it means.

a man has back pain

Uncomfortable posture

In the correct position, the lumbar spine should have a slight forward bend. This is called physiological lordosis. If you are hunched over or the back of your chair does not provide support for the spine, this bend is forced to straighten. Loss of this cushioning "curve" leads to displacement of the vertebral discs and can cause back pain.

The pain in this case appears at the end of the working day and usually goes away by the morning, provided that you sleep on an even and not too soft bed. The best way to relieve back discomfort is to start controlling your seated posture and getting more ergonomic furniture.

Bending or lifting weights

If you often have to bend forward, then the main load falls on the lumbar spine. This can lead to both permanent injury to the back muscles and displacement of the vertebral discs, especially if you have to lift weights.

As a rule, in this case, back pain occurs suddenly, is acute, and lasts for several days. This is a reason to immediately consult a doctor to make sure that labor exploits did not lead to serious consequences. But the best thing, before the back begins to bother you seriously, is to learn to bend correctly, trying to involve not only your back, but also your legs in this process.

Excess weight

Extra pounds, especially if there are too many of them, is an additional burden on the long-suffering spine. And especially on his lumbar region: excess fat on the abdomen moves the center of gravity forward and leads to the fact that the lumbar bend becomes larger. This can cause displacement of the vertebral discs and chronic pain.

In addition, as a rule, excess weight is accompanied by weak, untrained muscles responsible for supporting the spine - in this case, even a minimal load leads to painful sensations in the lower back.


This is perhaps the most obvious cause of low back pain. Falls or excessive fanaticism in the gym can all lead to pain in the lower back. With bruises and severe muscle sprains, the pain can be acute and intensify with a change in body position. Or, conversely, aching - if the lumbar muscles become inflamed due to overexertion. In any case, a visit to a doctor cannot be postponed - undiagnosed and untreated injuries in time can have very dangerous consequences.


Age-related changes in bone and muscle tissue can also lead to lower back pain. There are many of them: arthritis, spinal stenosis, osteochondrosis. In this case, the pain becomes constant, pulling and can increase not only with a sharp movement of lifting weights, but even with coughing and sneezing.

In most cases, after careful diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory processes, moderate physical activity and specially selected physiotherapy procedures can alleviate the condition.

Inflammatory processes

Sciatica or sciatica can also cause severe back pain. Painful sensations are usually given to the sacrum, buttocks, thigh and even lower leg. Additionally, you may feel numbness and tingling in the muscles of the legs and back. Self-medication in this case is categorically contraindicated - a specialist must accurately diagnose the cause of the pain and prescribe suitable drugs.

Diseases of the pelvic organs

Often, back pain has nothing to do with the back itself. Pulling pains in this area can be symptoms of a variety of diseases of the internal organs. For example, urolithiasis, benign and malignant tumors, inflammation of the pelvic organs in women and prostatitis in men.

Even sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections in the bladder signal themselves with back pain. You should especially be on your guard if back pain is accompanied by fever, chills, weakness, problems with urination, changes in bowel function, unexpected discharge from the urinary or genital tract, numbness in the legs. In this case, immediately see a doctor, urgent diagnosis and treatment is needed.

In any case, back pain is a very warning sign. Even if you are young and full of energy, you should not blame the discomfort only on the consequences of overexertion or an uncomfortable posture. A visit to a neurologist will eliminate serious problems and choose a treatment that will return the ability to move freely.